Hope is Hip Jewelry is designed and created to help you tell your story, We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as much as we've enjoyed creating it.

Jewelry, whether it's a personalized charm bracelet for your mother, sister, daughter or any other person dear to you, is a way to express your love for someone without saying a word. And, who doesn't love to receive a gift that shows that you took the time to select something custom just for them? We design jewelry that helps to tell stories about our family, friends, and heroes. We want to provide jewelry that celebrates our occupations, hobbies. special interests, or achievements. Birthdays, retirement, graduation gifts or bridal jewelry....whatever you'd like to express, we'd like to think we have a piece that will help you to tell that story. If you don't see what you need, please contact us. We are constantly working on new ideas and would love to work with you on that special design that is exactly what you are looking for.

We have found our passion to be personalized jewelry. Jewelry that is uniquely designed and handmade. We have been working feverishly on a new line that highlights relationships - and what family means to us all. I can't think of a better way to say to someone " you mean so much to me" than taking the time to find a piece of jewelry that especially speaks to their unique relationship. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, dads, brides, bridesmaids, etc.,we're working on designing pieces that can be personalized to let them all know how much you care.

We are sisters who work as a team....one day one of us designs and the other works on handcrafting the pieces, but either way, each piece is a unique design and we take pride in that fact. Our craftsmanship AND our customer service mean everything to us. We treat customers just as we like to be treated....and we like to be treated well!

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